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The Health Factory Nano Mineral Water Gold

The Health Factory Nano Mineral Water Gold




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The Health Factory Nano Mineral Water Gold 1Ltr

A uniquely produced demineralized water with monatomic, diatomic and nano-clusters of gold.  Produced with purified water containing 10ppm (parts-per-million) of negatively charged gold particles varying in size from 0.14 to 4 nano meters.  This precise ratio (particle size and ppm) is crucial for maximum absorption of the gold nano-clusters.

The Health Factory packages their products in the highest quality dark violet glass bottles which allow only positive infrared and ultraviolet light to pass through, resulting in longer shelf life.

Purified and revitalised water containing 10mg/l (10ppm) monatomic, diatomic and nano-clusters of gold (Aurum).  Contains no allergens.     100% bio-available.

Suggested use:
External use. Can be used by the whole family. Consult with your practitioner regarding any health issue, use of medication or pregnancy. For more information ask the experts at The Health Factory. Keep out of reach of young children.

Does not require refrigeration after opening.

Does not require being stored in the dark (in fact it is better to keep the cap on and leave the bottles in the light).

Product should not be diluted.


This product is vegan This product is vegetarian

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